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Importing Busines Cards Expand / Collapse
Posted 16/06/2007 6:16:10 PM
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Now that v3.0.0 has arrived <fanfare>, <whistles>, <corks popping> , I've decided to rekey my past year transactions and put aside as a learning experience the messy file that I had so far created under 2.10 .

I notice the Import / Export features look to have been extended in v3 (?).

I'd like to export the Business Cards (and Accounts and Assets) from my existing "messy file" and import them into a new fresh file (leaving the Transactions aside). Is this currently possible?

In other words, what's the quickest way to start over given that all of my "skeleton" information is correct.

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Posted 19/06/2007 11:26:27 PM

MySF Administrator

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Unfortunately there is no functionality in place at this time to import business cards. We are also in the process of revising some of the import and export features in the software to bring them all in line with each other.

Existing import and export features were originally added for the professional version (accountants) only. The import was designed to import data from services like praemium and others. The export was designed to export data into files that MYOB can read, mostly for the purposes of tax returns.

Unfortunately, until now, the import and export features within the software were not meant to work with each other. Therefore you cannot export the data and transactions, then reimport into a different fund. Clearly this is this is no longer ideal. It will fixed up and changes distributed as part of an update.


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