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Edit capability in text areas Expand / Collapse
Posted 5/08/2007 7:28:02 AM
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I notice that the ability to edit text and use formatting in the Text Boxes of the Documents Section of the Investment Strategy area has disappeared. Have not looked into other areas yet to see if lack formatting applies (eg Minutes area).

I found this feature useful when setting up MySF with my Strategy, Fund Plan etc (ability to bold, italics etc for clarity) in version prior to upgrade to V3. Material that was carried across following upgrade contained odd objects on screen and would not print out as a well formatted document as previously.

Will you be reintroducing this functionality?



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Posted 5/08/2007 4:54:19 PM

MySF Administrator

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Unfortunately the component which was used to enable text formatting caused problems for several users, who were unable to edit the text at all. We were not able to solve the problem and instead decided to remove the formatting capability altogether, leaving the simple text field that you see in the current version (3.1.3) of the software.

The strange characters that you see in some cases when loading the investment strategy are the formatting characters that were used by the previous component.

If we find a way to make the previous component work reliably across many environments or if we find a superior component that allows formatting then we will reintroduce this feature at a later time.


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