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Revaluing international assets Expand / Collapse
Posted 1/06/2008 10:05:46 PM

MySF Administrator

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Version 5.0.0 of MySF Manager introduced support for international investments. The software now reads data from 50 major exchanges worldwide (including ASX) and foreign exchange rates for most major currencies are loaded automatically. Up to 6 months of historical data is available for foreign currencies.

The foreign currency converter can be accessed in three ways.

First, when you revalue an asset (Housekeeping > Asset Revaluation Table) the software will load exchange rates as appropriate. If the asset being revalued is listed on the ASX, then no exchange rates are loaded and the asset is simply revalued to the closing price for that date. However, if the asset being revalued is listed on an international exchange then the software will load the closing price of the asset as well as the exchange rate for that date. MySF Manager will then revalue the asset in AUD by multiplying the closing price by the exchange rate on that date.

Second, the currency converter can be accessed by pressing Ctrl + F on your keyboard any time that a currency field is selected on the screen. You can then enter the amount to convert and select the currency you are converting from. You can also select which currency you wish to convert to, but this field is preselected as AUD, since SMSFs are denominated in Australian Dollars.

Third, you can access the currency converter by clicking on the 'Foreign Exchange Calculator' link which is present in the bottom left hand corner of several screens throughout the software.

Note that the foreign exchange calculator allows you to override the exchange rate if needed.


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