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How do I get a fresh install of MySF on my... Expand / Collapse
Posted 4/08/2008 6:24:03 AM
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Hi I've purchased a new computer and would like to know how I can get a fresh install of the MySF program on it. The program is on my old computer and has been upgraded on line many times. When I have done that how do I shift the data to populate the program from the old computer? Can I just back it up onto a memory stick and then restore it on the new computer or is the file going to be too big? Do previous years transfer across or are they stuck on the old computer. Should I continue to use the old computer until I have done my end of year role or does it not matter when I do it?

A step by step guide would help me a great deal.

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Posted 4/08/2008 4:53:19 PM

MySF Administrator

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You can transfer your fund to your new computer and then do the year end once it is fully transferred. It really doesn't make a difference because once you follow the steps below, your fund will be exactly as it was before you copied it across.

All of your funds data (including that of past years) is stored within the fund file so once it is copied across to the new computer, you have all of your information.

The process of reinstalling MySF Manager is:

1) Install MySF Manager using the link we have just sent to you via email.

2) Activate MySF Manager using your customer ID and email address. If you require these details to be sent to you please let us know.

The process of transferring the data across from the old / other computer to the new / current one is as follows:

1) Using Windows Explorer, copy the entire fund folder of your fund to a CD or other removable media. Please note that the location of the data file in MySF Manager is shown in the bottom left corner of MySF Manager when the fund is open. Copying the entire fund folder ensures that any attachments or backups you may have of your fund are copied across to the new computer also.

2) If you are using removable media such as a CD, then copy the fund folder from the CD to a location where you would like the folder to reside on the destination computer.

Please take a moment to ensure that the file is NOT read-only. To do this, please navigate to the fund's folder on the destination computer using Windows Explorer, right-click on the fund's data file and go to Properties. Make sure that the Read-Only box is unticked. Read-only files cannot be opened by MySF.

3) Start MySF Manager on the destination computer.

4) On the Fund Selection screen, click on Browse, navigate to the folder where your fund's file is, and click on Open.

5) You may see one or more messages, similar to:

Error: "Cannot load fund. The file may have been damaged..."
This normally means one of three things:
- the file is damaged, due to not being copied properly
- the file is read-only
- the file was created with a version of MySF Manager that is higher than what it is being opened with (most software, including MySF Manager, are not forward compatible)

Warning:"File may have been moved..."
This warning appears if the fund is in a folder other than what is defined under File > Settings > Folders. This will reappear until the settings are changed to reflect where the file is at the moment.

Warning:"File may already be open, or was not closed properly"
This appears if:
- the file is actually open on another copy of the software
- the program exited with an error, or was unexpectedly shut down
- the file was still open when it was copied across
In the case of moving a file, the latter is the most likely, and can be solved by closing the fund's file (File > Select Fund to go back to the Fund Selection screen, which closes the current fund) and re-opening it.

Please let us know if you experience any difficulty with any of the above via


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