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Bank statement import Expand / Collapse
Posted 5/03/2009 5:12:54 PM

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Version 7.0.0 of MySF Manager, due for release in the week beginning Monday, 9th of March will contain a new feature for the import of data from bank statements.

General information

The addition of this feature has been held back, because the lack of information on a typical bank statement does not allow a fully automated import. For example, the bank statement may include the amount of cash that was received from a distribution, but there is no information in it about franking credits, tax deferred income and other important components. Now, we have added an import process that will read the bank statement file and will allow users to jump straight to the relevant screen and enter the additional data.

While the process is not completely automatic it will still speed up entry and will help to ensure that no items are forgotten.

How to import a bank statement

1) Use your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc) to log in to your internet banking.
2) Select the relevant account
4) Export your data into QIF format. This format is often referred to as Quicken, or Quicken Interchange Format.
5) Save the file to your computer, preferably not into an MySF directory.
6) Open your fund in MySF Manager and go to Cash and Journal Processing > Bank statement import.
7) Click on the Browse button near the top of the screen, next to the 'Select file for import' field.
8) Select the file you saved in step 5 above and click OK.
9) Select the bank account of your fund to which these transactions relate from the 'Select bank account' selection box.
10) Click on the 'Open selected file button'

You should find that all transactions within the file which fall between the start and end dates of the current year appear in the area near the middle of the screen.

Each transaction will be shown as one line. The line will include details about the transaction including date, cash movement amount and description. MySF Manager will also check your existing transactions. It will then alert you if the transaction shown on a particular line appears to be a duplicate of a transaction that has been processed already (same date, same amount, same account).

On each transaction line you will be able to click on a link to jump to a specific screen to process the details of the transaction. For example, a transaction where cash has increased will be displayed with links that allow you to jump to Cash receipt, Dividend, Distribution and other screens.

A 'Skip this transaction' button is also displayed for each line so that any transactions can be deleted from the import list.

You can close the screen at any time. Any remaining transaction lines simply disappear and no action will be taken.

Other information

This is the first time that we are adding a bank statement import feature to MySF Manager. We look forward to receiving your feedback to that this feature can be improved in future versions to better serve the needs of the users of MySF Manager.

Please either respond to this post with your feedback or send feedback to


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