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 Tutorials, Video Tutorials and Help Documents

We have compiled a list of tutorials and help documents to assist you with using MySF Manager. These are freely available and can be downloaded by following the links below:

Video Tutorials

Help Documents

Tutorials / Step By Step Guides

Guide to Accounting for MySF Manager Users pdf web
Adding a New Asset Allocation Category pdf web
Adding a New Asset Class pdf web
Adding Investors, Brokers, Advisors, and Fund Managers pdf web
Long CFDs in Manage Invest pdf web
Recording a Dividends and Distributions Reinvestment pdf web
Recording a Purchase of Stocks or Mutual Funds pdf web
Recording Dividends and Distributions Received as Cash pdf web
Recording Expenses pdf web
Recording Rent, Interest, Contributions Received, and Other Income pdf web
Recording the Sale of Stocks and Other Financial Assets pdf web
Revaluing Assets pdf web
Setting Asset Allocation Targets pdf web

MySF Manager Video Tutorials

Dashboard Navigation and Screen Layout
Adding New Bank Accounts
Adding New Financial Assets
Adding Investors
Selling Financial Assets
Asset Revaluations
Recording Dividends
Technical Analysis
Software Demo

Help Documents

The help manual for MySF Manager can be downloaded for your perusal. Please note however that the help manual is included when you install MySF Manager.
Adobe Reader is required to view the help manual. If you don't have Adobe Reader installed, please download it by following the link at the bottom of this page.

MySF Manager Help Manual

Don't have Adobe Reader? Follow the link below to download Adobe Reader for free.
Download Adobe Reader